Luis Castillo


I was born and raised in Mexico City back in the ’82, all my childhood I was interested in contemporary art, comics, tattoos, music and toys, and still I am.

Finishing High school I dedicated time to music, and soon I was caught up in photography; finding the process fascinating; loving specially lighting & Studio photography.

I studied photography in Escuela Activa de Fotografía situated in one of Mexico City more interesting neighborhood (Coyoacán). After some years working as a freelancer and as assistant professor.

I moved to Barcelona in 2007 and I found an amazing place to live, I studied Web Design at CIPSA and since then I’ve been working and continually studying to develop in new areas that could contribute in my growth as a photographer and designer

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Extracting a tiny fragment of reality, rather as a construction or a personal interpretation than as a faithful portrait of that precise moment. Not only speaking about instants, but also about objects, temperatures or sensations. The observer’s challenge consists on finding the curiosity to look at things more closely and the courage to dare to formulate their own words and statements with those precise decisions.
— Jimena Ramírez