Luis Castillo


I am an art director, designer and photographer based in Barcelona.

Combining this multiple range of skills gives me the flexibility to approach any project with a broad view to achieve and create unique and personal works for my clients.

For me, design is not just about beautifying things, design is a way to push everything we know forward, and going forward is implicit in human nature.

My interests expand beyond design and photography, one of my greatest passions is music, I even spend a couple of years learning how to play guitar, I also enjoy cultural events such as attending concerts, traveling, gastronomy, museums, photography and cinema.

I like video games, technology and gadgets, I love football and ice cream.

If you are interested in collaborations, inquiries, estimates or simply want to chat, feel free to contact me and tell me your story.

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Extracting a tiny fragment of reality, rather as a construction or a personal interpretation than as a faithful portrait of that precise moment. Not only speaking about instants, but also about objects, temperatures or sensations. The observer’s challenge consists on finding the curiosity to look at things more closely and the courage to dare to formulate their own words and statements with those precise decisions.
— Jimena Ramírez